DIY Electronic Drum Tutorials 


Electronic Drum Tutorials

Have you ever wanted to know how to build an electronic drum kit? Here are tutorials for the different electronic drum kit projects I have put together in the last couple of years. Please feel free to contact me with any question you may have on any of the Electronic drum tutorials


Bucket Drum kit

10" or 12" drums made from buckets

Rock Band Drum Kit Mod

Mesh Head Drums, RB drum controller

Electronic Drums

10", 12" Acoustic drums cut in half

Oak L Rod Mounting Brackets

DIY Oak L Rod Tom Drum Mounts

8" Wood Drum Hoop

8" Drum hoop

Bucket Bass Drum

Make a electronic bass drum from bucket

Rock Band Controller

Modify the Rock Band controller

Quieter Mesh Drum Heads

 Use foam to quiet mesh drum heads

Setup Wood Drum Kit

Kit made from oak wood

DIY foam cones

Turn foam blocks into cones

Solder wires on piezo sensor

How to Solder wire leads to piezo -Video

Oak Drum Rack

How to build drum rack with oak wood

Oak Drum Rack

How to build drum rack with oak wood

DIY Rock Band Drum Kit

Mesh head drums, Rock Band Controller

Acoustic to Electronic conversion

How to Convert Acoustic drums to electronic

 Electronic Drums

12", 13" Acoustic drums cut in half

Acoustic Bass drum to Electronic

How to convert bass drum to electronic

10" Wood Drum Hoop

10" Drum hoop

Window Screen Mesh Drum Heads

Window screen sewn on drum head  hoop

Convert Yamaha DD-55

Convert Yamaha DD-55 to drum module

 MadCatz portable Drum Triggers

 Easy way to make electronic drums

J5 controller

Build your own J5 Box

L Rod Rack Clamp

Oak Wood L-rod Rack Clamps

Wood Cymbal

GHWT Xbox 360 Midi Wireless

Drum Controller


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