I built another set of electronic drums. I did a few things different on this build.

I cut this drum shells to make two electronic drums

I found a 12 and 13″ drums on Ebay. I did things a little different than my first project. This time I used a table saw to cut these toms in half. These are now 4″ tall toms.

I will use these in side the electronic drum shell to support the sensor

I used an 1″ corner brace to support the circle of MDF board.

They will be atacjed to the drum lugs inside the drum shell

I used the lower lug screw to attach the L brackets.

This will be use around the bottom <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->edge<!--INFOLINKS_ON--> of the electronic drum shell

I will use some 3/8″ hose for trim on the bottom of the drum.

I cut a slit on one side of the rubber hose and pushed it over the bottom edge of the drum. Stanley hook blades work great for cutting the slit.

I cut a circle slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the drum shell with a router. I also needed to cut notches in the areas of the L brackets.I’m also going to cut some holes in this 3/4″ MDF circle and paint it black.

I cut some evenly spaced 3″ circular holes. I also drilled a 7/8″ hole partially through the MDF and then drilled the rest of the way with a 3/8″ drill bit for the  1/4 Jack.

The support inside the drum shell

I painted the inside of the drum shell black and attached the MDF circle to the L brackets from the bottom with screws.

this will support the sensor for the electronic snare drum

I’m going to use a large flat washer, flat head 1/4″ screw, nuts and washers to make an adjustable sensor support.

electronic snare drum

Added some 3-M double sided tape to the flat washer. I removed some tape in the area of the screw because the screw was raised slightly higher than the washer. I needed a flat surface.

I added a circle of plastic so I would have a better surface for the piezo sensor.

electronic snare drum

Added  27 mm piezo sensor, 1.5″ x 1″ x 1″ foam sanding blocksand 1/4 Jack. Made adjustments so the foam block would be 1/8″ above the drum shell rim.There are many listings for piezo sensors on EbayIf you don’t want to use foam blocks. You can also make foam cones from the foam sanding blocks.

I added a mounting bracket. I used this tutorial here. I used thicker wood for these drum mounts.

completed electronic snare drum with mesh drum head

Put on a DIY mesh head tutorial here

shows the inside of the 4 electronic drums

shows the 4 electronic drums with the mesh drum heads in place


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