You can use fiberglass window screen to make your mesh drum heads. Using a top layer of superscreen will make those mesh drum heads last forever.

Drum head hoop

Since I had no use for them, I used the rims from heads that came with the toms I purchased. I removed the heads from the rims with a utility knife.

can also use tubing for your electronic drum hesd hoops

If you don’t have any drum head rims. 1/4 copper tubing will work.

copper template

I made a template with a router using a 1/4 bit. I cut a groove 1/4 deep and the diameter of the copper I would be using. Then just push the copper tubing into the groove, mark and cut with a Copper tubing cutter


I picked up a 48 x 80 roll of Fiberglass window screen from Menards. Cut out squares about an 2″ wider than the rim.


Trimmed of the excess so it would be easier to work with.


Laid the two layers of fiberglass window screen over the drum hoop and pushed drum head rim into the drum hoop.

Diy Mesh drum heads

Wrapped and tied string around the drum hoop and rim to temporarily hold it all together. It made the sewing easier.

binder clips

Another good way to hold it all together using Binder clips.


I used heavy thread for sewing leather material. The tan color showed up better in the tutorial images. Comes in black also.


Not sure what type of stitch I’m using. I just went back and forth every 1/4″ and sewed the screen onto the rim. Took about 10 min.


I trimmed off more of the excess screen getting pretty close to the stitches.


This is top view. I colored the tan stitches black with a marker. Black thread would look nicer.


I put the mesh head on the drum and laid on two more layers of window screen. Tighten down the lugs. I noticed the more layers you put on the less the rebound is.

Update: Another option is to add one layer of SuperScreen over the fiberglass window screen. I use 20 x17 tiny mesh SuperScreen.

Fiberglass window screen

Super Screen 36 Inch x 100 Ft Black Tiny Mesh 20/17
SuperScreen link 1

SuperScreen link 2

SuperScreen link 3


Trim off the excess window screen. I’m sure the screen will wear at some point. When the top two layers start to wear out. I can easily replace them and won’t have to re-stitch new screen to the rim.


To me, the window screen mesh heads feel great and are much quieter than the Roland mesh head on the Roland PD85


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