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Here is a little tutorial that shows how I put the J5 box together.

These are the parts that I will install in the Project Box.  J5 card with trims and leads on the card, 8 pin header, 2 pin connectors with wires and 1/4 Jack.

I chose to have the 9 trims and leads on the card and soldered my own 1/4" jacks to the wires. Once I made the adjustments for my drums, I didn't need to make any further adjustments after I closed up the box.

The different options you choose will effect the price, like having the trims so you can adjust them out side the box, leads outside the box. It might be best to contact them with the options you would like.

I used a 7" x 5" x 3" Project Box.
I printed out color coded stickers for the 1/4 Jack.

Drilled holes for the 1/4" and 1/8" jacks.  I will add a 1/8" jack for the rock Band pedal, so I can use a real electronic bass trigger or the Rock Band bass pedal if I like.

Drilled hole for the on/off switch. 

Installed on/off switch.

I used Velcro to secure the J5 card to the bottom of the box.  I also added the 1/8" jack for the Rock Band pedal.

I know it looks like a rats nest. I could have shortened up the wires, but I didn't.

I installed the 1/4" jacks, plugged in the 2 pin connecters to their labeled colors, plugged in the on/off switch, added terminal strip for the Rock band pedal connection and Velcroed the 9v battery to the side of the box.

I drilled holes in the cover to run the sensor wires and usb cord.

I soldered the controller sensor wires to the 8 pin header.  Instructions included with purchase.

I Velcroed the header to the inside cover.  Added wires for the Rock Band pedal connection.

Plugged in the 8 pin plug to the J5 card, connected the wires for the Rock Band pedal to terminal strip.

The controller is also Velcroed to the top of the box.

Ones I tuned in my mesh head drums with the adjustments on the card.  I attached the cover and there was no further need to make any adjustments to the card.

What I Like about the J5 is you don't need to have a drum module to use it with your drums to play Rock Band.  If you have a drum module, that makes it even better.  Just add Y connectors to the end of your drum cables.

You can turn down the instruments in the game and hear only the drum sound from your drum module.  You will hear the same drum sounds through out the song, even during fills. No more uneven volume during fills.

There are links in the tutorial to where you can find most of the parts I used in this project. Here are some of the parts and tools I used on all the different projects. Parts List   Tools

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