Acoustic Bass Drum to Electronic


I used a 2″x3″ wood cross member attached to the Roof Truss Clipwith screws. The piezo sensor support is a round piece of wood with bolt going through it.There are also many listing for piezo sensors on Ebay.


I adjusted the sensor support so the foam block is 1/8″ above the rim of the drum shell.  It is easily adjustable with the wing nut.


I used one layer of  fiberglass window screen sewn on a bass drum head rim. It took a little trial and error using different types of foam to get this screen mesh head to not be so noisy and bouncy. This configuration worked well for me, it is very quiet with no bounce and it triggers properly. The white arrow indicates foam from a life jacket. The black arrows indicate pieces cut from a mouse pad. The top mouse pad and life jacket foam are on the backside of screen.This method works very well also. Feels allot like my Roland KD8


2″ wide aluminum bar for the Roland TD-3 module mounting bracket.


Bracket attached to bass drum to mount the Roland TD-3 Module.


The finished bass drum. Now I need cables to plug it all in.
There are links in the tutorial to where you can find most of the parts I used in this project. Here are some of the parts and tools I used on all the different projects. Parts List   Tools