Acoustic Drums to Electronic Drums

I used wood with this project. I just happen to have all the wood materials to do this project in my garage. You can use any solid material for the cross member support.



I used 1″x2″ wood for the cross member and adjustable pizeo sensor support.


Assembled wood cross member with adjustable sensor support.


Roof Truss Clip . Purchased at Menards $0.49


The roof truss clips are attached inside the drum shell where the lugs connect. They will support the cross member.


I used 3-M double sided tape to attach the cross member to the rooftruss clips.



These Radio Shack Model: 273-073 piezos work just as well as the ones I used in my first conversion project. It just takes a little work to get at them.There are also many listing for piezo sensors here on Ebay


Break off the tabs with a pair pliers. You will then be able to use a small screw driver to pry off the back cover.


I used a needle nose pliers to carefully break off as much plastic as I could from the bottom. (Shown by the arrows.)


I carefully broke away the plastic from the top with a needle nose pliers.


After I removed as much plastic as I could, the piezo disk was easy to remove from the remainder of the plastic. I did this with all the piezos with the same results. No ruined piezos.


I soldered longer wires to the piezo leads, used heat shrink tubing to cover solder joints, secured wire with cable ties. Piezo Sensor is attached with a circle 3-M double sided tape cut to the size of the ceramic part of the piezo.


I cut the Foam sanding block into 1 x1 x1.5 foam blocks with a miter saw and peeled off the sanding surface.The sanding block foam worked so well in my first project. I chose to use them again for this project.If you don’t want to use foam blocks. You can also make foam cones from the foam sanding blocks.


A circle of 3-M double sided tape the size of the ceramic is used to attach foam block to sensor.I adjusted the sensor support so the foam block is 1/8 above the rim of the drum shell.


Soldered wires to the 1/4 jack. Insert the 1/4 jack through the vent hole and tightened down. Put on some window screen mesh heads. One down and three to go.There are links in the to where you can find most of the parts I used in this project. Here are some of the parts and tools I used on all the different projects. Parts List   Tools