Acoustic Drums vs Electronic Drums

In recent years, electronic drum kits have become more popular than ever before. This trend is partly due to new technologies and sound effects that girl-309632_1280are available even on the most compact kits. Arguably, it`s also due to the popularity of “Rock Band” and other video games where dummy instruments are played.

Whether you`ve grown up playing acoustic or electric, there are decided benefitsfor both types of drums. Many professional drummers choose to use one type of drum kit for practicing and another type for playing, while others who have remained loyal to one type for years may suddenly feel compelled to switch over just for the experience.

Here are some of the pros and cons of electronic drum kits:


You can practice anywhere, any time of the day. Once you`re plugged in, you`ll be able to hear yourself, but at most your neighbors will hear only a soft tapping on a rubber pad. If you live with other people or you like privacy in your practice time, electric drums are definitely for you.

They`re compact. You can fit a small-sized electronic drum kit into even the smallest-sized dorm room and you can virtually play from anywhere. Even the smallest acoustic drum kits take up considerable room.

Electronic drums can actually help your technique. In order to get the optimum sound from electronic drums, you have to hit them dead center, which is a good technique to acquire no matter what kind of drums you play. After practicing with electronic drums, drummers say that their accuracy in hitting the center of the head is greatly improved when they`re performing with their acoustic kit.

Another way that electronic drums can help your technique is by forcing you to play precisely. The rubber pads aren`t tolerant of sticks that are sliding and dragging, so you`ll need to play your double strokes as accurately as you can. Again, this can be greatly to your benefit when you go back to performing withacoustic drums.

Electronic drum kits can have some pretty cool features and sound effects, which for some drummers, gives them a decided edge over traditional acoustic kits. This is especially true for drummers who play in bands where these sound effects are stylistically effective.


Many purists just don`t like the feel of the rubber pads. It`s a different feel when you`re stroking the sticks onto rubber pads instead of Mylar heads and this tactile difference just doesn`t appeal to some drummers.

Electronic drum kits vary greatly in quality. If you`re willing and able to pay a small fortune, to the tune of thousands of dollars, you can get a high-end Roland that replicates perfectly the sound of an acoustic kit, but if you`re looking for an economy kit, you`ll need to really search and experiment. Fortunately, there are quite a few inexpensive electronic drum kits on the market that really are outstanding in sound and performance, but you`ll have to do some comparing to find the perfect one for you.

Electronic drum kits can be expensive. After all, you`re paying for state-of-the-art technology and convenience in one compact package, so it`s not going to come cheap. Again, there are some affordable sets out there, so it pays to do somecomparison shopping.

Acoustic drums have an indefinable resonance that appeals to drummers. For this reason, acoustic drummers love the sound of their instruments so much that, while they may practice with electronic drums, they still prefer to perform with acoustic kits.

Whether you research your options at or try out a few drum kits on your own, it`s important to do your homework and read about the different types of drum kits available. After you identify what you`re looking for, you`ll be able to make an educated decision as to whether or not an electronic drum kit is right for you.