Convert Yamaha DD-55 to Drum Module


Yamaha DD-55 Drum Machine Ebay Listings


I made some labels in Photoshop.


Drilled pilot holes through the labels and bottom cover.


Drilled the correct size holes for the 1/4 Jacks


Remove all screws from the back cover and disconnect the battery connection (indicated by the red arrow).  The back will then be totally removed form the unit.  (click image to enlarge)


The lines indicate where you will need to splice into. You can use TELecom Tap Conn-Ub connectors. Or you can do what I did and remove some insulation from the wires you need to splice into. Wrap and solder the lead wires from 1/4″ jacks.
(click image to enlarge)


The 8″ wire length I used gave me just enough room to install the 1/4″ jacks in the bottom cover. You would have more room to workwith using longer wires.There are links in the tutorial to where you can find most of the parts I used in this project. Here are some of the parts and tools I used on all the different projects. Parts List   Tools


I now have created a Yamaha DD-55 drum module. I connected one of my DIY mesh head Drums to the Yamaha DD-55 for testing. I was very surprised at how well it triggers since the unit seems to have only one trigger adjustment for Pad sensitivity. You could probably find one on Ebay cheap.

I connected the Yamaha to my drum kit to see how well it would work and here are the results. All the DIY drums worked great. I had to lower the volume setting for the 12″ tom to 3. The 10″ toms and snare set to 9.The pad sensitivity is set to the highest setting. There are only 3 to pick from and that setting controls all pads at the same time.I had to kick the Roland KD-8 a little harder than normal to get it to trigger. It would be nice if there where individual sensitivity settings for each pad. If I could turn up the sensitivity a couple of notches the kick pad would be perfect.Same goes for the Roland Cymbal Pads. If I use one of the mesh head drums for a cymbal then it triggers fine.The closed Hi-hat was a little quiet. Open hi-hat is normal. The click when you push down the hi-hat pedal is loud. Maybe that’s normal. I could never hear it with my TD6 module.The only pad setting the Yamaha have are the individual pad volume setting and the overall pad sensitivity setting.