Drum Articles

Electronic Drum Kits for your Gaming console
Electronic drums are starting to become more and more well-liked nowadays. Inside the early days of production, electric drums were a little of a joke in the music market.

Rock Band pro Bass or Rocksmith
I have been playing the drums to Rock Band music since it first came out, but lately I have had this desire to play bass guitar, so I ordered one up. While waiting for the guitar, I thought I would dig out the Rock Band guitar,

Acoustic Drums vs Electronic Drums
In recent years, electronic drum kits have become more popular than ever before. This trend is partly due to new technologies and sound effects that are available even on the most compact kits.

Electronic Drums Remo Practice Pad
Start off by determining the type of surface you want to use for the heads. You can choose from mylar, rubber pads or even window screen mesh,

How to Build Electronic Drums
If you`ve ever been compelled to practice your drums in the dead of night, when family and friends are asleep, you`ll readily understand the benefits of having an electric drum kit.

The Secret To Great Rock Drumming
(It’s all in ‘the system’) Are you one of the thousands of people who love a good, steady, groovy drum beat?