How to remove the cases from Radio Shack piezo sensors


These Radio Shack Model: 273-073 piezos work just as well as the ones I used in my first conversion project. It just takes a little work to get at them.


Break off the tabs with a pair pliers. You will then be able to use a small screw driver to pry off the back cover.


I used a needle nose pliers to carefully break off as much plastic as I could from the bottom. (Shown by the arrows.)


I carefully broke away the plastic from the top with a needle nose pliers.


After I removed as much plastic as I could, the piezo disk was easy to remove from the remainder of the plastic. I did this with all the piezos with the same results. No ruined piezos.

There are links in the tutorial to where you can find most of the parts I used in this project. Here are some of the parts and tools I used on all the different projects. Parts List   Tools