Rock Band pro Bass or Rocksmith

I have been playing the drums to Rock Band music since it first came out, but lately I have had this desire to play bass guitar, so I ordered one up.
While waiting for the guitar, I thought I would dig out the Rock Band guitar, the Rock band guitar has been upstairs in the closet since day one, never every had any interest in playing that part of the game. Took me a while to figure out how to get this thing going. Got it going, wow this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought, I only have a few buttons here to deal with, and I’m having a hard time keeping up with the note highway.

But anyway in the process of trying to get this Rock Band guitar going, using the Madcatz mid controller, I see that there is the Pro Bass note highway, that I didn’t realize was there, now I’m getting excited, cant wait for the bass guitar to arrive. I didn’t plan on connecting the guitar to the game, but just use the note highway as a guide to play the guitar through an amp along to the music, just like I do with my drums.

Guitar finally gets here, I fire up Rock Band, start up a song in pro mode bass, gave it a go, wow that song is to hard, can’t keep up with the notes, very awkward, having trouble finding the right string to pluck, so, I try an easier song on easy, that’s a little better, but I’m kind of discouraged, way harder than I thought. First day, glad I kept the box in good shape, maybe I can send this thing back.

So I keep plucking along. A few days later, I can actually play one of the easier Rock Band Pro bass songs on bass guitar, That would be John Lennon’s, Imagine. My confidence is lifting, so maybe I can do this,

Someone on one of the message boards mentioned Rocksmith, I heard of it before , but never had any interest in playing bass guitar, and forgot all about that, but had to check it out, so I picked the Xbox version of Rocksmith 2014, That game is awesome, you can plug your real guitar into the game. It is also way easier to play than Rock Band pro Bass. The note highway has more depth than the Rock Band note highway, so you can see notes way off in the distance. I might not be up to 100% but I can easily play all the song at a lower percentage, that I could not do with Rock Band. I can at least play a few of song at 100%.

So I purchased a few songs for Rocksmith, There are only a few songs I like that came with the game. In the process of looking for new songs to play, I find Customs, these are songs created by other to be downloaded and installed in the game. There must be a few thousand of them, and they are probably adding over 10 new songs per day. One problem, no way to get them on the Xbox without doing some kind of mod to the Xbox console, so I purchase the PC version of the game, so I would go with the PC version of the game if you want to use custom songs.

Then I come to find out, you can easily create your own songs for the Rocksmith game using your own mp3 music collection. I have since created maybe 30 songs for Rocksmith from my own music collection. I may add some tutorials here at on how to do that.

I have also come to find, using the same tools, you can create your own songs for the drums or guitar, and play them on Phase Shift. You can also add a theme to the game, to have the Rock band 3 look. There are many option, one I really like, you can slow down the note highway and still hear the music. The Madcatz midi drum controller also works with this game, There are also many song that others have created for the Phase shift game.

Here are some link to get you started.

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CustomsForge song database – You may need to sign up to view the downloadable song list. Requests & Works In Progress

For creating your own Rocksmith songs.

CustomsForge Tutorials

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EOF  – Editor on Fire –  program use to create songs

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