Set up Oak Drum Rack

Here is a little tutorial that show how easy it is to setup the drum kit. I sold a few of these kits way back, and these are the directions I sent along on how to setup the wood kit.



Place the rack in the holes of the rack support making sure the hex screws that hold the rack together are toward the back.


The 3” screws will be used to connect the bottom support to the rack. (This step is optional.  It will stay together without the screws and it also makes it easier to dismantle for the convenience of traveling).


Add the controller. Position it back out of the way for now. Adjust the outer left and right drum supports.


The best way to set this up I found is to add the first high tom and plug the wires into the drums as you go. The controller is color coded for easy connection. You can lightly tighten knobs just to hold every thing in place until all drums are attached. After all drums are attached you can fine tune the drums adjustment to your liking. Then tighten them down tighter.


Then add the second Hi Tom. Then you can move the controller up into position.


Then add the 3rd tom.


Then add the snare. Now you can start adjusting  the drums starting with the snare. Pull up a stool and get the snare just where you want it. Then you can fine tune the other drum positions to you liking. As you can see I like to set mine setup more like a real drum kit.


I added this image to show the drums are very adjustable. They can be adjusted to almost any angle.


The 8″ drum kit also takes up very little space in the living room.There are links in the tutorial to where you can find most of the parts I used in this project. Here are some of the parts and tools I used on all the different projects. Parts List   Tools