The Secret To Great Rock Drumming

(It’s all in ‘the system’)rds-w

Are you one of the thousands of people who love a good, steady, groovy drum beat? Good drumming is certainly one of the foundations of great rock
music (or any other type of music for that matter) and every year thousands of people around the US and worldwide either take up drumming as complete beginners or they’ve been playing for a while and decide they want to raise their skill level.

But there’s usually a problem and you probably know what it is, right?

The problems with becoming a great rock drummer usually break down into two critical areas:

  • The lessons take too much time and/or move too slow
  • It’s hard to find a good drummer who’s also a good teacher

Well, there is an easily affordable answer to both those problems and it’s found in the “Rock Drumming System” by Jason Kliewer, well-known professional drummer, instructor and educator, and published by Railroad Media.

Don’t even think about wasting money or months of valuable time on private rock-drumming lessons from one of your local, ‘home-boys’ or buying another home study product that’ll just sit on the shelf or leave you even more confused until you’ve seen all this massive package has to offer!

No pun intended but this compete rock-drumming learning system will give you more ‘rock-solid’ learning than you can shake a ‘drum-stick’ at. You’ll get:

    • 3 separate workbooks–one for Beginner, Intermediate and Advancedlevels
    • Each workbook also comes with a DVD showing Jason carefully explaining every tip, technique and lesson filmed from not one but FOUR different camera angles. Fills, beats and patterns…it’s all here.
    • A Play-Along Song Book with 18 additional pages of lesson material, 10 full-length songs with demo DVD and then a ‘play-along’ CD (minus the drum part) so you can play along with each track and use what you’ve learned on the regular lessons.
  • In addition to the full course materials you also get over $150 worth of bonus materials.

This awesome, study-at-home, complete rock-drum mastery system has over 14 months of careful planning and creation so you know it’s top-notch. There’s never been any drum playing system like this on the market.

No matter what kind of learner you are…visual, auditory or reader…this system has you covered. You can see and hear Jason teaching, drumming, explaining everything he does on the DVDs that accompany each workbook PLUS each lesson is carefully explained in the relevant workbook.

Following this course at your own speed in the comfort and privacy of your home will have you building a solid drumming foundation if you’re a new drummer, progressing methodically through all the skills a good drummer needs if you’re at the intermediate level or (if you’re already a full-time professional) you’ll even pick up lots of tips and tricks known only to the upper crust of professional drummers like Jason.

It’s like having your own personal ‘drum-tutor genie’ at your beck-and- call 24/7/365 plus you can get it delivered by mail to your home (or office) at an easily affordable price that won’t break-the-bank either. Matter of fact, not only is there an incredible, no-questions-asked 90 Day Guarantee but you can even get your first lesson for only $25 and pay the balance out over following months.

Don’t miss any more of the fun of playing great rock drums. You’ve got nothing to lose but all the fun you’ll miss by not getting this life-changing course today. In just a few weeks you could be like all the real-life testimonials you’ll see and hear on the product sales page….talking about how all your pals are noticing how steady your drum-beats are becoming, how creative you’re getting with your fills, how professional your patterns are sounding and how confident your playing is getting in general.

Don’t waste any more time or money with lessons that don’t fit your busy lifestyle, leave questions still unanswered and usually don’t move at your pace anyway. Get the complete “Rock Drumming System” by Jason Kliewer today.