You might be able to do all this with simple hand tools, but using the right tools make the job easier. These are some of the tools I use to make my DIY drum kits. I pretty much bought the cheapest power tools I could find and they work just fine.


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Band Saw
I have used the band saw to cut foam blocks, wood drum mounting brackets, and many other small cutting projects. The smallest band saw works fine.

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Drill Press
A  drill press is definitely needed. The drill press will keep every thing straight and inline. I tried using a hand drill and it doesn’t work. It is very hard to drill straight with a hand drill.

Miter Saw
Makes nice quick straight square cuts. With a metal blade, I have used it to cut aluminum bars.

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Table Saw I have used the table saw to cut drum shells in half. A jig saw or eve a hack saw blade will also work, but the table saw is quick and makes a nice straight cut.

Jasper 270J Model 270 Router Circle Cutting Jig

Router Circle Jig
The Router circle jig works great for cutting the wood drum hoops. It will cut perfect circles.

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Rivet Gun
I used this tool to make smaller drums out of the buckets.

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Jig Saw
I have also use the jig saw to cut drum shells in half. It’s hard to get a nice straight cut, but usually the rubber hose trim will fix that. I mostly use for cutting the buckets.

Copper tubing cutter